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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Shahzad hussainShahzad hussain
Passed 1st time
Shahzad Hussain I passed my test today with Khuram absolute brilliant instructor would definitely recommend to anyone looking to pass first time.

Mansoor RajaMansoor Raja
Passed 1 time
Mansoor Raja 1st time passed I pass my test today with 1 minor i am very please and very happy all the credit goes to Khuram he is good and experienced instructor i would refer Khuram to any one i am sure they will be very happy with there decision.

Megan RhodesMegan Rhodes
Passed 1st time
Megan Rhodes I passed first time with Khuram with only 2 minors, Khuram has a really good technique if I don’t understand something he explains calmly and makes me feel more confident. I would definitely recommend Khuram to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Mukaddas IramMukaddas Iram
I passed with Khuram in Burton-on-Trent with only few minors. He has been an amazing teacher, hes also very positive and has never turned up to my lessons late. I sincerely recommend his as an instructor. Thank you!

Passed first time
Thank you Khuram I passed today in Burton with only three minors! You have been a very patient and kind instructor! Thank you!

Mumhamed Iqbal
Khuram, Great instructor, quality teaching had a wonderful experience highly recommend thank you Khurram.

Mettew Mettew
Passed 1st time
Khuram, Very good instructor. Friendly, reliable and supportive. Passed first time, so definitely recommended! Thanks!

Khuram was a very good instructor he was always on time and helped a lot to pass my test. If i made mistakes he didn’t make me feel bad. I had a good experience with Khurram overall. He is nice and friendly. I recommend him as an instructor.

Adam bennettAdam bennett
Kurham is a great driving instructor. He understands what a student needs to develop and he is good with knowing the different driving test routes which really helped. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Mohammed Hamzah Afsar
Passed 1st time
I passed with Khuram, he is nice, friendly and calm. He won’t tell you off for something wrong and teach you how to improve my driving. I highly recommended to everyone. The timekeeping is excellent and he don’t waste my time on lesson, he give me fully one hour.

Imad abuifImad abuif
Passed 1time
I would recommend Khram for every one. He did help me understand driving and prepare for my driving test he also train me how to deal with real driving situations which i found that is very useful.

Mohammad HamzaMohammad Hamza
Passed 1st time
Mohammad Hamza. Highly recommended I highly recommend Khuram as a driving instructor. He is calm, understanding, helpful and most importantly knows his staff and knows how to teach and explain everything. Brilliant instructor, very very good at what he does! Thank you very much for your help! :)

Pass 1st time
Khuram is very patience I had my lessons with Khuram. He is very good and friendly. I passed my test first time with Khuram Even I had very limited time in-between my test days but still with his help I managed to pass my test

Athina Eleftheriou Athina Eleftheriou
Passed 1time
I had a 20 hour intense course over 4 days with Khuram and passed 1st time. Khuram was very informative, calm and helpful, I would definitely recommend him to anybody!

Alisha hudsonAlisha hudson
Passed 1st time
I passed first time with Khuram, with only two minors. He make me very confident every lesson and on the test day. Explained to me everything I was unsure about and could ask him anything, also telling me any mistakes I made. Highly recommend

Juris Briedis Juris Briedis
Passed 1 time
khuram is excellent teacher with great teaching techniques, he is very patient and calm. I like how Khuram organise my driving lessons, thanks Khuram I pass my driving test from 1st time. I recommend Khuram to my friends like excellent teacher.

Lee michael BaylissLee michael Bayliss
Passed first time
i past 1st time with Khuram he is a excellent instructor is a very nice guy is very clear with instructions I feel very comfortable around would recommend to any one else.

Muneet kaurMuneet kaur
Passed 1st time
1st time passed I pass my test today with 4 minor i am very please and very happy all the credit goes to Khuram he is good and experienced instructor i would refer Khuram to any one i am sure they will be very happy with there decision.

Ali Jafari Ali Jafari
Passed 1st time
Passed first time with 4 minor fault with Khuram. The best instructor I had and want to recommend him to everyone, really really happy. 😊

Harris John ParkerHarris John Parker
1st time
A reliable and dedicated instructor who wanted me to pass as much as I did! Got me over the line after a long list of instructors that weren't for me. Thanks Khuram!

Latisha Hudson
Khuram was outstanding as an instructor, very puntucal and patient. I would highly recommend him, he will make sure you are ready and confident. Brilliant, all round.

Alex galAlex gal
I passed straight away. I had only one fault. I really recommend Khuram to anyone. He's friendly and has a good experience. The car is also very good. Thank you for Khuram and for LDC school!

Blake Sherlock Blake Sherlock
No faults
Pass 1st time with no driving faults Khuram is the best instructor I had I would recommend to everyone I am so happy today I pass in 4 weeks.

Mariam TrubshawMariam Trubshaw
Passed 1 time
Passed first time in 4 weeks with Khuram. He's really chill, always on time and always does what's best for his students. Thanks for believing in me.

Arjunpreet Singh Arjunpreet Singh
Passed 1st time
I passed my test first time with one week course with Khuram. He's very calm, experienced and helpful when teaching. He identified any faults i made in such a way that next time I didn't make that same mistake.

Callum Peenut WilliamCallum Peenut William
One week course
Passed with Khuram he's a great teacher. He's friendly and won't lose his patience when you make a mistake. I've last 5 days listening nag me but I've stuck to it. Passed first time. Thank You for not giving up.

Ashley myattAshley myatt
Excellent teacher
Khuram is excellent teacher with great teaching techniques Khuram is very patient and calm and makes during lessons. Khuram makes easy to control car and understand. I like how Khuram organises hours my lessons hours a big thank you to Khuram for getting me pass 1st time I would recommend Khuram to my family and friends.

Ramiz RajaRamiz Raja
Passed 1st time
It's your lucky day! Congratulations on passing your driving test first time! A word of caution though, driving safely is not about luck. Keep on improving your driving skills.Well done Raja.